ECAN95 - 95PFE/N95

Made in Canada

  • 5 layer construction protects against airborne particles

  • CSA 95/PFE/N95 government certified

  • CE FFP2 Certified

  • ≥95% tested particulate filtration efficiency

Surgical Mask

Made in Canada

  • Level 3 surgical grade 4-layer face mask

  • CSA attested

  • Case size: 40 boxes/2,000 masks

Other Medical Equipment

Made in Canada

  • Protective gloves

  • Protective clothing

  • Eye protection

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Your Health Is In Good Hands

Made in CANADA

Eternity products are proudly made in BC, Canada


Eternity Medical Equipment Manufactural received official CSA government certification in 2020

Government Procured

Eternity products are both used and approved by the Canadian government and hospitals.

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