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2 boxes of 20 pcs.




Four-layer filtration

≥95% particulate filtration

Made in Canada

Ear loop design


The ECAE98 flat fold respirator is our latest Made in Canada mask, combining safety and convenience. With four layers of protection, and 95PFE, go out with confidence to your everyday locales.

Foldable, lightweight design with ear loops allow portability, hygiene, and ease of applying and removing.

Above all, breathe easy, with its very low inhalation and exhalation resistance (based on TSI Test Report).




Materials include non-woven meltblown polypropylene (two layers) for filtration. Free of graphene and latex.


Note: These masks have attained 95% Particulate Filtration Efficiency in test samples using the NIOSH standard procedure TEB-APR-STP-0059 (Test Report),

but are not NIOSH certified N95 respirators.


Dispose after 8 hours of accumulated use (e.g. one 8-hour school day, or eight 1-hour trips to the store)


Please ensure adequate seal against the face. If respirator does not seal, discontinue use.

ETERNITY | Flat Fold Respirator Adult size 2 boxes(20 pcs/box)

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  •  Wear:

    1. Clean your hands before touching the mask. 
    2. Open the upper and lower folded parts of the mask.
    3. Hang the mask over your ears.
    4. Adjust the bridge of the nose to fit the nose.
    5. Adjust the lower part of the mask, close to the chin or cover the chin.
    6. Adjust the mask body to fit around the face.
    7. After wearing the mask, take a few breaths and test. If the mask fluctuates inward and outward with breathing, it means that it is worn correctly.



    1. Clean your hands before touching the mask.                    
    2. Hook the ear straps on both sides with your fingers, remove the mask, and put it in a specific recycling container
    3. Clean your hands.


    Take special care                                                                                     

    1. Not to touch the body of the mask that may be contaminated.         
    2. Dispose after 8 hours of accumulated use   
    3. If you need to enter a contaminated area or a potential area,  it is recommended that you wear our 95PFE-L3 ( Model:ECAN95 ,Ccupational Health & Safety Surgical Non-Powered Air-Purifying Respirator. Approved by Health Canada, CSA and CE. ).