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Explore A Career At Eternity

There are jobs - And then there are careers. The chance to do the kind of work that adds up to something meaningful. The opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new skills. The prospect of being surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated people, day-in and day-out. That's the kind of work we do here at Eternity. Come join us.

Production Line Worker


General Requirement:

Production Line employees work on the 95PFE/N95 respirator production line in various positions and capacities to help ensure the quality and quantity goals of the facility are met.

Warehouse Clerk


General Requirement:

Warehouse Clerks work in various tasks and capacities to ensure raw materials and finished products are in good condition, inventory is balanced, and shipping and receiving operations are efficient and on schedule.

Electrical Mechanic


General Requirement:

Electrical Mechanics are responsible for general plan check requirements as well as the preventative maintenance and repair of production equipment.

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